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Community Desex Fund

Dogs and cats are the perfect companions for loving homes. Unfortunately, every year many homeless pets make their way to shelters and rescue centres like Maggie's Rescue. Prevention is the key to ensure unplanned litters reduce the number of unwanted animals in our community. 

Maggie's Rescue received a generous bequest in 2017 to set up and operate a fund which would provide community desexing for cats. Since the fund was set up, we have been working with our community and many smaller rescue groups to help stop the devastating cycle of cat breeding on the streets and in colonies. To date we have desexed over 200 cats throughout Sydney, of which, many have been re-homed.

These cats and kittens are trapped, desexed, vaccinated and microchipped and if they are socialised are re-homed straight away. If they are and unsocialised urban stray cat, they will go into foster care and be re-trained and then re-homed. If they are totally unsocialised, then they will be returned to their managed colony. This is an expensive process, and our funds are limited. Can you help us to continue this work?


  • $25 - Bag of cat or dog food

  • $50 - Microchip an animal

  • $150 - Desex an animal

  • $250 - Veterinarian visit and vaccinations

  • $500 - Complete desex program

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