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Maggie's Rescue is not an animal shelter. We care for animals through our amazing network of foster carers. Thanks to them, most of our rescue dogs are adopted even before we can list them on our website. That is why you may not see many dogs on our adoption page. The pets shown on this page have gone through our home-ready program and are now available for adoption.

If you would like to adopt a dog through Maggie's Rescue we encourage you to sign up to our Foster Carer's Program. By becoming a Foster Carer with us we can try to match any dogs needing rehoming to the needs of our adopters. It's a great opportunity to take your time and choose the right dog for you family.

Our Foster to Adopt program has been designed to create a nurturing and loving temporary home for animals in need until a permanent home is found. This mean some pets are going through a transitioning process that may not be ready for adoption.

Please use this link to enquire about adopting one of our rescue dogs. Please do not use the link in the animal profile:           Adoption Enquiry



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