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Maggie's Rescue is an amazing organisation with so many dedicated volunteers. The work they do is so important!

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    Request To Surrender A Pet

    We understand how difficult the decision is to surrender your family pet. We are committed to working with you to ensure the best outcome for you and your pet. Please complete the following form and our Intakes Manager will be in contact with you as soon as practical. 

    Please note, in order to submit the pet surrender form, we require MICROCHIP, VACCINATION and DESEX certificates.

    If these forms are unavailable please email catintakes@maggiesrescue.org for cat surrenders and dogintakes@maggiesrescue.org for dog surrenders.



    PLEASE NOTE - If you have found or are caring for a stray animal, please CLICK HERE to send through your enquiry to further discuss your options.

    If we have the capacity to take your animal into care, our Intakes Manager will be in touch with you. If you have not heard from us within 1 week, this may mean that we are at capacity and unable to help you at this time. Please bear in mind that Maggies Rescue is run by volunteers who give so much of their time each week, so we appreciate your patience with our response.

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    Joining is the first step in getting involved with Maggie's Rescue. By signing up, you'll be able to help with fundraising, easily tell your friends about Maggie's, and be a part of rescuing and re-homing animals in need.

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    About Maggie's Rescue

    Maggie’s Rescue is a bit different. We are a registered animal welfare charity, a co-operative of carers that support animals in need of homes. Our goal is to find these animals their permanent homes in families who will commit to loving them for life.

    When you talk to the carer for a particular animal, that person is usually looking after the care of that animal and knows the dog or cat well.

    Any animal we rehome has been desexed, vaccinated and microchipped and we worm all animals on arrival in our care.

    We are committed to No Kill philosophy and believe that public education and desexing is the cornerstone of this. We aim to have basic obedience for each dog by the time of rehome in place and offer ongoing telephone assistance for new owners if needed.

    Our Purpose

    To improve the lives of companion animals

    Our Values

    • Compassion
    • Integrity
    • Efficiency
    • Education
    • Change-making

    Our Objectives

    • To advocate for and assist in the de-sexing of domestic pets
    • To fundraise money for the continuing of de-sexing and rehoming of unwanted domestic pets
    • To be actively involved in our continuing de-sexing and rehoming campaigns
    • To promote the welfare of dogs and cats through community education
    • Participate in campaigns to introduce and/or improve legislation to give greater protection to all animals

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    Membership Payment

    Thank you for supporting Maggie's Rescue by becoming a member or by renewing your membership. 

    Renewing members: $15 (yearly fee)

    New members: $17 ($15 yearly fee + $2 joining fee)

    If you would like to make an additional tax deductible donation in addition to paying your membership fee (you rockstar you!), please do so after completing this payment – a link will be provided and you will receive your receipt immediately.


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    Become a Member

    Maggie’s is a cooperative of like-minded people that relies on our members for spreading the good word and helping with the rescue of animals. The Board is keen to see our core membership base diversify and grow. We need members that are keen to engage in the shaping and execution of Maggie’s strategic direction.

    Please find below a Maggie’s Rescue Membership Application form which needs to be completed no later than Friday 23 September 2016. Upon submission of your membership application, you agree to be bound by Maggie's Rescue Co-op's Rules.

    To complete this form you will need to download & complete the Reference & Declaration form, and upload a PDF or scan / photo of the completed form. If you wish to complete the form offline and submit it by mail, download the print version here.

    After completing this membership form, you will be taken to a second page to pay for your membership fees online.

    Thank you for supporting Maggie's Rescue!

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    Please help us top up our food fund 🐱

    $2,890.00 raised
    GOAL: $20,000.00

    Now is the purrfect time to donate.  

    Did you know that a cat can be pregnant by 4 months of age? Every spring, un-desexed cats living in colonies around Sydney give birth to litters of kittens. By us caring for 40 kittens, this will mean that there are roughly 320 less stray cats on the streets over a  12 month period.

    Continuing warm weather means that kitten season never ends, it is just one long cycle. Kittens in our Foster Carer program receive the best of care which means quality, vet approved kitten food and formula. 

    Did you know that it costs rescue groups approximately $423 to feed one kitten from 4 weeks of age until it's adopted at around 12-14 weeks? That's a massive amount of food and pressure on foster carers and rescue to provide for these animals. If we don't receive financial donations we cant provide for these kittens. 

    Help us raise $20,000 to top up our Food Fund. 

    All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

    From all of us here at Maggie's Rescue... THANK YOU! 


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    Check out Maggie's Rescue, a fantastic animal rescue organisation I support!

    Donate to help animals in need

    Thank you for taking the time to donate to help rescued animals. 

    Your donation will help us give an animal a second chance of finding a loving home for life and provide vital vet work or behavioural training to our rescued animals before they are adopted into their furrever homes.

    Remember that all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

    You can choose from two donation options;

    1. Simply select an amount to the left and make a one-time donation. 
    2. Or click below to make a monthly donation to our Paw Patron Fund.

    Click here to join our Paw Patron Fund 

    What will my donation do?

    • $25 - Bag of cat or dog food

    • $50 - Microchip an animal

    • $150 - Desex an animal

    • $250 - Provide necessary vet work for 1 cat or kitten

    • $425 - Will provide quality food to one kitten for 8 weeks, whilst in our care
    • $500 - Complete home-ready program

     From all of us here at Maggie's Rescue... THANK YOU!



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    Contact Us

    Please click the links below if you are looking to do any of the following:


    For more info or to apply to become a dog or cat foster carer, please click through the appropriate link below. We follow a foster to adopt model. Therefore, the more foster carers we have, the more animals we can save.





    Are you interested in volunteering to make a difference or are you looking at developing new skills? At Maggie's we're always on the look out for volunteers. Interested, shoot through your details by clicking the link below.



    Please note, to submit the pet surrender form we require MICROCHIP, VACCINATION and DESEX certificates.

    If these certificates are not available at time of surrender, then please email catintakes@maggiesrescue.org for cat surrenders and dogintakes@maggiesrescue.org for dog surrenders.



    PLEASE NOTE - If you have found or are caring for a stray animal, SUBMIT YOUR ENQUIRY here. One of us will contact you shortly to further discuss your options.








    Please feel free to contact us or visit us during our office hours. However, please note that Maggie's Rescue is not an ANIMAL SHELTER. We care for animals through our network of foster homes.

    Address: Hut 43, 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville 2204


    General enquiries - admin@maggiesrescue.org

    Cat enquiries - catintakes@maggiesrescue.org

    Dog enquiries - dogintakes@maggiesrescue.org

    Media enquiries - media@maggiesrescue.org

    Account enquiries - accounts@maggiesrescue.org

    Donations: Donations such as food etc can be dropped off at our Addison Rd address during our office hours on Tuesday's or Thursday's. Alternatively, feel free to place goods in our blue donation bin out the front of our office.

    Due to the overwhelming kindness of our community, we are now at capacity with bedding, towels etc

    If you have any further questions or comments for us, please use the form below to get in touch. One of our team members will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


A Canadian gal living Down Under
$425.00 raised
GOAL: $500.00
Donate on behalf of Joni Freeman:

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