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Thank you for joining our Paw Patron Fund! 

Thank you for your commitment to Maggie's Rescue. By making a monthly donation you are helping us to continue to provide important solutions to our community and continue our rescue and rehoming work.

Being part of the Paw Patron Fund, you will receive regular updates on how your contribution is saving lives and helping us to give these animals a second chances of finding a family that will love them for life. 

To give you an idea of what your donation contribution can provide:

🐾 $10 - Toy or bag of treats

🐾 $15 -  Flea and worm treat 1 animal for 1 month

🐾 $30 -  2kg bag of cat or dog food

🐾 $50 -  Microchip an animal

🐾 $90 -  Desex a male cat

🐾 $125 - Vet visit and 2 vaccinations

🐾 $250 - Desex and vaccinate a female cat

🐾 $390 - Desex and vaccinate a female dog

🐾 $425 - Provide quality food to one kitten for 8 weeks, whilst in our care

🐾 $500 - Complete home-ready program


Remember that all donations over $2 are tax deductible. 


🐾Thank you from the team at Maggie's Rescue and welcome you to our Paw Patron Fund! 🐾

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